Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Rudolph Club

Now, I'm not one much for scheduled anything, especially task. But I have to say, this thing works! Well, at least that's what everyone in the club says.

I had it up and ready last year around this time.  However,  when Christmas was over, I didn't even want to see a decorated cookie!  So, I tucked it back in bookmarks w/the intention of pulling it out in January and getting started. Didn't happen. A friend of mine and myself were going to plan our church Advent Fair by following the 'Organized Christmas' part of The Rudolph Club. We have finally decided our personalities are way too much alike to do that. In other words, if it weren't for the last minute, neither of us would get a thing done!

That's the good thing about resolutions and new beginnings. We get to start all over again and get up off our good intentions one more time with gusto. This year I've made The Rudolph Club my browser's homepage. That way, every time I open it, ol' Rudolph pops up and I just can't help but read all the good ideas they have.

Each month they give you ways to organize for Christmas next time it rolls around. For instance, in January they tell you how to get rid of "The Ghost of Christmas Past". Most of us have put away all decorations, but some stragglers like napkins and mugs still seem to haunt the kitchen area simply because you want to use up everything. Box it up. Next year you'll be glad you did.

When it's time to organize your holiday recipes, they even give you a free printable recipe planner.  (click on link)  

Some of it seems a little overwhelming to a gal like me whose low on the totem pole of organizers. But I'm willing to give this one part of my life a chance. If I make it fun, maybe it'll work.  And if you're interested, you can find it here at The Rudolph Club. (click on link)
Hope to see you there!


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