Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chambers of the Heart

I'm convinced that our heart has emotional chambers  we know nothing about. That is, until it's time to open them.  Life is full of events, good and bad, which hold individual keys to the doors of these chambers.  In time, we all open them and walk through. What awaits us is the absolute unknown. 

In life, we've all observed others as their time comes to experience profound joy or devastating grief. We find ourselves in the midst of celebrating with them or bringing comfort to their sorrow. But, unless we have experienced it for ourselves, unless we've walked through that door and into that chamber, do we really know how they feel?  I think not.

I remember when each of my children were born. Both of them held their own key to place in the keyhole of each door.  Inside was beauty, newness of life, love I had never experienced before, and most of all, a wonderful miracle.  With each child, I knew I'd never be the same, nor did I ever want to leave the peacefulness only a mother knows of a child in her arms.  The doors remained opened throughout their childhoods until it came time for them to have that certain look in their eyes. The one that tells you the door will soon be pushed to. Not closed. Not locked. Just gently pushed to. And somehow you know, that's ok.

Then there was the heavy, cold key I was handed the day my father died.  I knew I didn't want to, but I had to unlock that door and step over the threshold.  The darkness was overwhelming as I stood in front of it not wanting to accept the fact my father was gone from us.  It seemed I stood there forever resisting what had to be.  We all imagine how it will feel when this day comes, but nothing prepares one for the moment.  Finally, through the strength of God, I opened the door and stepped inside. It remained black with darkness, but the longer I stood there, a warmth seemed to comfort me.  I felt myself walking over to a corner of that chamber, only to sit and curl up in the darkness.  Nothing could have felt worse as I waited for the healing to begin.  The room remains dark, black even, but I've left it.  I know it will always be as is and slightly opened, but that too, is ok.

So now, there are new chambers to discover. Five of them to be exact.  There is absolutely nothing on this earth like the key you are given when you have a grandchild.  The two babies that each handed me their own key have now born these beautiful little beings who hold their very own key. And I truly do think they are the most valuable keys of all.  They represent the journey you've taken through life and give you yet another chance to see the miracle all over again.  Only this time, through eyes which are older and far more appreciative of what life holds, one can cherish each moment from an entirely different perspective. 

As I see it, life is holding keys for all of us. It's just a matter of time before we are given yet another one.  I hope and pray whatever your next door is, you will be able to celebrate to the fullest or face the darkness. There is healing in these chambers of the heart if only we allow it.  And if we do, that too, will be ok.



  1. Nice job! Looking forward to more.

  2. I have received so many keys, and they are all priceless, for each one has a precious memory or adventure!